Removing a Miscellaneous Cost from a Shipment

How to: Remove a miscellaneous cost from a shipment.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise (Version and later)


The recent pre-release removes the ability to delete a miscellaneous cost from the Shipment window. The procedure below details how to remove the miscellaneous cost from the shipment. When you remove a  miscellaneous cost from a shipment it moves back into WIP. You can only remove a miscellaneous cost from a shipment with the following statuses:

  • Open
  • Released
  • Shipped

You cannot update shipments with a Completed status or undo the shipment of a miscellaneous cost via customer return.

Tip: Create a special product for any miscellaneous costs that may require a return.

In the Shipment window:

  1. Click the Miscellaneous tab
  2. Update the Sell Price field to 0.00
  3. Uncheck the Print checkbox
Click image to enlarge
Shipment window, Miscellaneous tab; shows the Sell Price field with 0.00 and the unchecked Print checkbox.
  1. Complete the Shipment as usual

The miscellaneous cost is no longer the shipment and is back in WIP.

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