Handling Duplicate Headings from Overflow in Submittals

How to: Handle duplicate headings from content overflow in submittals.

Environment: Microsoft Word


Document overflow happens when the content of your document does not fit properly on the page or in the table cells. Document overflow can result in duplicate headings in your submittal. If your submittal has duplicate headings from document overflow, save the submittal as a Word document and reformat the document using the steps below.

In the Word document:

  1. Highlight the table
Click image to enlarge
Word Document; shows a highlighted table.

In the Word ribbon:

  1. Click Paragraph Settings
Click image to enlarge
Word; shows the location of Paragraph Settings.

In the Line and Page Breaks tab:

  1. Check the Keep with next checkbox
  2. Click OK
Click image to enlarge
Paragraph window; shows the Keep with next checkbox and the OK button.

The heading is no longer duplicated and will now stay with the contents.

Click image to enlarge
Word document; shows the heading with the paragraph contents.
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