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Environment: Comsense Opening Suite


Release Date: October 12th, 2021

In this release:

New Features

Warehouse Location Assignment Window

The Warehouse Location Assignment window is a new window that allows warehouse managers to add managed products to warehouse locations in bulk. See Using the Warehouse Location Assignment Window for more information.

*Note: You cannot remove warehouse location assignments from managed products in this window.

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Warehouse Assignment Location window.


  • The Hardware window now has a Leaf Assignment column in the Hardware Sets tab.
  • The Check Run window now has an EFT/ACH payment type and creates a Remittance Advice report.
  • The Sized Required Options now provide more clarity regarding their function.
    • These options are available in the Hdw Grid window and Special Product builder.
    • Products using the legacy options will update automatically.
    • See Size Required Field Update for more information.
  • Catalog Status and Live Catalog Update Status are now in the Advantage Help Menu.
  • Hardware products can no longer have a quantity of 0 in the Hardware window.
    • To remove hardware from the hardware set, Right-click on the hardware product and Click Delete Row.
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Hardware window; shows the right-click menu and the location of Delete Row.
  • The legacy Advantage Submittal & Reports tool now provides an end-of-life notice.
    • The notice says: "You are currently using the legacy Submittal & Advantage Reports tool. This tool will be obsolete and completely removed from the software in an upcoming release. Please refer to the section of our help center linked below for details on set-up and usage for the new Submittal & Advantage Reports tool."
    • Help Center Section: New Submittal & Advantage Reports Tool.
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Legacy Reporting Window.
  • Elevations window now has validation checks to prevent adding elevation codes to frames with different attributes than the elevation.
    • Only applies to elevation codes with elevation or manual costing methods.
    • The validation check indicates which attributes are different.
      • You must resolve the validation check by changing a frame to match the elevation attributes or create a copy of the elevation using the frame attributes.
  • Comsense Support team now has a Training Database Refresh tool.
    • Provides a quicker turnaround for training database refresh requests.
  • The Hardware Builder now allows the sequencing of options in hardware product descriptions.
    • User-maintained catalogs can use this function by sorting the options listed in the Option Group Definition window.
  • The Managed Product Management window now has a selector button in the Warehouse Location field.
    • Allows you to assign a single warehouse location to a managed product when no warehouse location is currently assigned.
    • This method of assigning warehouse location:
      • Makes the selected warehouse the Primary Active location
      • Marks the managed product as a Stock item
  • The Bid Proposal Report's customer information is now included in the report body rather than the report header.
  • UI update to hardware preps to provide more clarity.
  • Updated TeamViewer Support Session clients.
  • 1099-NEC print layout now matches the 2021 form layout.

Bug Fixes

  • The Project Import tool imports projects more consistently without locking up Advantage.
  • Opening tables now fit in the window frame while using the AAOS import tool.
  • Opening hardware lists no longer get out of sync with the hardware set.
  • Sections of change orders now consistently sell when the change order is sold.
  • Kitted frames now consistently select the correct header component when using a 4"header.
  • The sort sequence for hardware items on a copied hardware set will now consistently match the original hardware set.
  • Manufacturer door and frame preps are only available for the specific door or frame manufacturer.
  • The Heading Prep Review window now consistently saves Prep property values to the openings.
  • Sales order payments now consistently journalize using the payment date.
    • This fix is not retroactive.
  • The Payment window now consistently launches when COD Shipments are completed.
  • Corrected a security rights issue with Ship To Addresses in Advantage.
    • This correction may affect the user's ability to create or edit Ship To Addresses the Project Setup window.
    • A user with Security security permissions must correct the Customer ShipTo security permissions for any affected roles.
    • The affected security permissions are:
      • System Options
        • Customer ShipTo
          • Create a new Customer Ship To
          • Open Customer Ship To
          • Save Customer Ship To
          • Update Customer Ship To
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Enterprise Security window; shows the Security Requirements.
  • The Door and Frame Catalog Maintenance windows no longer allow you to save records without a description.
    • Any records previously saved without a description are unaffected.
    • We strongly suggest that you update these records to include a description or delete the records because they may cause issues with inventory.
  • Bid Listing and Bid Recipient wizards no longer cause Advantage to crash.
  • Multiple users can no longer create and save:
    • Receivings against the same purchase order at the same time.
    • Bank deposits for the same bank at the same time.
  • Backlog report now consistently calculates the amounts for reports with miscellaneous cost items.
  • The Frame Description attribute can no longer be changed when the Elevation Code is set to elevation or manual costing methods.
  • The Submittal & Advantage Reports tool now only lists the openings selected in the report parameters on headings.
  • Miscellaneous Costs can no longer be deleted from a shipment.
  • Products using the size required options A, B, C, and D:
    • No longer have cost calculations issues.
    • No longer open the incorrect hardware worksheet when modifying the product.
  • The Build a Heading per Opening option now functions as intended in the Heading Builder.
  • Hardware Submittals now list hardware in the correct order.
  • The Go Live date now saves consistently.
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