Comsense Online Hosted Maintenance Window

Comsense Online is the name of our hosted solution where Comsense hosts all of the infrastructure needed to use our Comsense Opening Suite application, and users simply remotely log in from their office, home, or coffee shop.

As a part of this hosted service, Comsense also handles all program and catalog updates so the customer doesn't have to worry about handling these tasks on a regular basis. We perform these updates outside of business hours to ensure the application is available to users when they need it. Updating generally occurs in batches throughout the weekend from Friday evening through Sunday night. We do our best to avoid any interruption for customers who use the system during these non-business hours, but on occasion, you may find when you attempt to log in an update is in progress. If this occurs, please wait 30 minutes and try logging on again. By that time the updates have likely been completed and you'll be able to proceed with your work.

Maintenance of this infrastructure sometimes requires us to restart services, particularly if there are significant Windows updates to apply that need a restart to complete. We have established a maintenance window where we will perform these restart operations if needed on Sunday nights from 11:00 pm Eastern to 12:00 am Eastern. This may not be required every week. However, if a restart of any services or machines is required on any given Sunday night, we will notify any connected users with a pop-up message in their session to notify them that a restart is scheduled in 30 minutes' time. We will send another notification 2 minutes before the restart. We understand that it is important to have the application available at all times, so we thank you for your understanding that this planned regular maintenance helps to ensure the infrastructure is running optimally.

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