Release Notes for Version

Environment: Comsense Opening Suite


Release Date: June 6th, 2022

In this release:

  1. Enhancements
  2. Bugs


  • Products flagged as By Others can be hidden from the Products By Opening and Products by Heading reports. 
  • Updated the request for quote header to indicate that it is a ‘Request for quote’ and not an Order. 
  • Added the Images report as a stand-alone report. 
  • Added a Quote Number field to the Advantage version of the purchase order. 
  • Added a checkbox to show taxes on the bid proposal report. 
  • The Bid Proposal report is saved to the Project folder automatically. 
  • Added Terms and Conditions field to the Change Order report. 
  • The Special Product Builder in Advantage adds new finishes to existing special products. 
  • Added tooltips to the pricing window. 
  • Implemented optimizations related to processing times for the Discount Importer.  
  • Hardware schedule headings don’t break/wrap-up when heading overflow the page. 
  • Added a checkbox to optionally show the Manufacturer name on the Hardware request for quote report. 
  • Implemented performance optimizations whilst modifying hardware on sales orders and quotes.  
  • Implemented additional optimizations for the accrued payable report.  
  • The search window for sales order/quote elevations can be filtered for open/released orders to enhance loading times. 


Bug Fixes

Takeoff Importer:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented mapping of wall condition from importing when using the Takeoff Importer.  
  • Implemented validation of Opening Handing when using takeoff importer. 

AAOS Imports:

  • Fixed a bug that led handing to be imported incorrectly from AAOS imports. 
  • Enabled decoding of hardware set notes in AAOS import files.  

Hardware Sets:

  • In the hardware set importer, fixed a bug that caused hardware items to be assigned to the wrong product category.
  • Fixed a leaf prep display issue with handed hardware that caused product lines to show inappropriate leaf to preps. 
  • Fixed a database error occurred when renaming hardware sets. 
  • In Advantage, fixed background errors in detailing & estimating that caused the hardware set report to print incorrect data. 

Door Related:

  • Adding a prep kit to a door adds the correct quantity of preps.  
  • Fixed an intermittent issue which prevented door and frame sizes from updating whenever the opening size was changed. 
  • Enabled (*) on the Leaf 2 column to show that hardware is used with selected door manufacturer in the Default Set Preps view.  
  • Metal door purchase orders indicates when the door is flagged as net sized. 
  • Metal door purchase order shows the quantity of preps in case of multiple same prep codes. 


  • Applied validations that do not let incorrect preps to be applied to Elevations. 
  • Fixed the functionality of related elevations diagrams in work orders. 
  • Fixed an issue that stopped elevations from being selectable for Frame Request for Quotes. 
  • Fixed a bug that led to not printing the elevation codes for Frame Requests for Quote. 


  • Fixed a bug that caused deactivated users to be listed in dropdown lists.  
  • On the bid recipient listing report, fixed margin calculation error. 
  • On the wood door quote request report, fixed a bug that led metric sizes to be converted to imperial. 
  • Fixed a bug that led Partial AP Payments to prevent check runs from completing.  
  • Fixed a rounding error that caused contract totals of -$0.49 thru $0.49 to get rounded to $0.00. 
  • In the discounts window, fixed a UI display issue when a discontinued finish had a net price or special discount.
  • The review component pricing tool uses the selected price list instead of the current price list. 
  • Fixed a calculation error that led to display of incorrect net price on change orders in the Pricing Summary tab. 
  • Fixed a bug in the cost group total calculation when a product in the cost group had discount string of 0.  
  • Fixed a bug that caused the discount string to be reset to default even when it was intentionally cleared by the user. 
  • Advantage ShipTo editor requires a ShipTo name and address. 
  • In the advantage supplier window, added Name as a required field. 
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