Steelcraft (SF) - Brand Guide





(Brand guide development in progress)




Specialty DESC attributes for complete frame inventory records

Some frame descriptions such as SGLKD, SGLWLD, etc. are available only in Enterprise to allow users to maintain complete frames as inventory items rather than as pieces at the component level. The costing of these inventory items must be maintained manually.


THROAT Standard Group in Preps

As our jamb depth attributes can only be assigned one throat size per jamb depth regardless of frame series, there are occasions where a throat depth other than the Comsense-specified one may be required, even for otherwise standard frame profiles.

For example, the Steelcraft F series has a throat dimension of 4-7/8" for 5-3/4" jamb depth due to 7/16" backbends, while all other series -- including other S series frame profiles -- have 1/2" backbends, and therefore 4-3/4" throats. All of these frames are standard profile, not custom.

To accommodate this, please specify a no-charge prep from the THROAT Standard Group to indicate a throat size other than the automated one provided by the catalog database.

Applying these preps will also modify the throat size values in frame submittals.


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