Viewing License Info, Users Logged on & Disconnecting Users from the Opening Suite Software

  1. To view the Licenses Purchased and Licenses In Use, go to the Help menu on the toolbar at the top of the Advantage program and select About Comsense Advantage. This window will provide other information as well, like the current Client Version & your SQL Server Instance.    
  2. To view which users are currently logged on the software, refresh the information that will be provided first by clicking on the Refresh button as indicated below. Afterwards, you can click the hyperlinked number of Licenses In Use to prompt a window for viewing all Connected Users currently logged into the software. 



  1. To disconnect a user, access the Connected Users window as described above. Once the window appears, right-click on the desired user and select Disconnect User.                                           Note:  This should only be used when trying to apply a program/catalogue update or you’ve otherwise notified all users to log out.  Disconnecting will cause them to lose the current work they’ve completed that has not been saved.
    1. To apply an update please follow the instruction at the link below: 

Applying Update to Opening Suite

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