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Environment: Comsense Opening Suite


Release Date: April 8, 2021

In this release:

Update to the Public Release

On April 8th, 2021, we updated the April 5th, 2021 public release version to include an additional bug fix for the price book update season. The current public release is version The fix is detailed under Bug Fixes.

New Features

Managed Product Management Security

The Managed Product Management has an additional security setting to allow/disallow saving in Managed Product Management. All existing security roles will default to disallow and must be manually updated.

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Security window; shows the location of the Save security checkbox.
Image 1: Save Managed Product Management Security

Defaults Preps Refactor

Opening and Closing the Default Preps window no longer automatically applies preps to the openings. Default Preps are now applied to a door or frame when the door/frame/hardware is first added to the opening. Any changes to the default preps after the door, frame and hardware have been added to the opening will not automatically apply to the opening and can be applied manually using the Reapply Preps button. 

*Note: Using the Reapply Preps button will delete any prep changes made in the Complete and Default Preps Review window. This change cannot be undone.

For more information on the Default Preps Refactor, see the following articles from our help center:

Orders Management Refactor

The Orders Management window can now show all sales orders, quotes, or projects across all customers. The window launches a wizard for criteria selection to filter the orders listed in the Orders Management window.

*Note: Set strict criteria in the Orders Management Wizard to avoid performance issues across the system.

For more information on the Orders Management Refactor, see the following articles from our help center:

Quality Control Notes

Quality Control Notes is a customizable drop-down list that streamlines and tracks internal process stages. Quality Control Notes are available in both Advantage and Enterprise. For more information on the set up and use of Quality Control Notes, see Quality Control Notes in our help center.

Advantage Report Application

The Advantage reporting engine is now its own application. The new application allows the engine to run in 64-bit. This change does not affect how the user interacts with the reporting tool, except the application displays on the task bar with its own icon.

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Windows Task Bar; shows the new Reports Application icon.
Image 2: Advantage Report Application Icon

Advantage Report Document Numbers

Advantage Reports now include the document number in the file name.


  • Numerous database enhancements for SQL2016
  • Major performance improvements for the invoicing window.
    • These are especially noticeable when creating invoices for large projects with many change orders.
  • Performance improvements for the Wood Door Request for Quote.
    • These improvements help prevent database deadlocking and blocking when users are creating new request for quote reports.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed inconsistent discount data.
    • If a discount in Project Pricing or Managed Product not match the Discounts window, please run the Description Rebuild in the System Administration menu for the affected brand.
  • Applied a fix to retroactively correct for bad product data created by duplicate preps and prevent future occurrences.
    • This fix may cause previously validated products to not validate, if this occurs, please review the preps for duplicates with different jamb allocations.
  • The Request for Quote report no longer doubles the quantities of the frame for kitted knockdown double frames.
  • The EDI creation no longer hangs indefinitely, improving performance.
  • Reports no longer fail when creating an email with the MAPI email client.
  • Newly added default preps no longer propagate to openings where headings have been assigned.
  • Preps now reassign to the correct door leaf(s) when the leaf number is changed.
  • Tax is now correctly calculated on sales order invoices when retainage is set to Not-Taxable.
  • Specification only details no longer copy into Estimating/Detailing Project causing weird behavior.
  • Software no longer prompts for prep changes when loading openings into a change order.
  • Image report "Fit Proportional" now sizes correctly and does not create blank pages before and after.
  • Project exports no longer fail to complete correctly.
  • Unsold projects no longer remain active in enterprise.
    • This will not correct projects which are currently in an "unsold" state in Advantage but an active state in Enterprise. These projects will need to have at least one section sold and then unsold to correct this condition.
  • Pricing can no longer be run when a change to an elevation has not been costed.
  • Changes can no longer be made and saved to the pricing window in read-only mode.
  • Making changes in the Complete window no longer causes hardware sets to become out of sync with set definition.
  • Prep property type 'degree of opening' no longer populates information from incorrect openings.
  • Submittals no longer fail to complete when Preamble reports are included.
  • Submittal templates can now be deleted
  • Submittal Reports can now be removed from Submittal Templates.
  • Wood Door Request for Quote no longer runs for a long time.
    • This also resolves many timeout issues experienced by some users while another user was running this report.
  • Added the Advantage Wood Door Purchase Order report to the New Reporting Engine.
  • Hardware products can be modified in an original project with a change order if the product is not involved in a change order and have not been released or sourced in Enterprise
    • Users now must make modifications to hardware products on change orders through the creation of new products once a project has a change order. This process can be simplified with the use of the Product Change tool.
  • All OutOfMemory Exceptions when generating reports in Advantage have been resolved, on 64-bit versions of Windows. Users running 32-bit versions of Windows may still encounter these errors, unfortunately, this is due to a limitation of the Operating System, and cannot be resolved by Comsense.
  • 'Advantage only accounts' Packing Slip now show Sold-To address.
  • Hand, Label, and Rating now populate on Wood Door Purchase Orders, in both Advantage and Enterprise.
  • Preps and Properties now populate on Wood Door Purchase Orders for user-maintained Wood Door manufacturers.
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