Schlage (SC) - Brand Guide


Changes to Device/Function and Trim Values

  • We undertook a full review of device/function and trim values for products in SC. This may require a review of Prep History and/or a review of inventoried doors and frames with preps using properties tied to Schlage products.

Unlisted Products

  • F cylinder (less logo) is no longer listed. Products have been made inactive.
  • Product offerings with MER and ACC roses have been reduced to better reflect available combinations.

Mortise Lock Nomenclature

  • We strived to keep product sequence numbers/managed products as consistent as possible, but the number of products (+200k) made the process complicated.
  • If you find any discrepancies, please advise us via so we can resolve them.

Mortise Deadbolt Nomenclature

  • Mortise deadbolts now require rose distinction in the product code (A or N). This required a complete rebuild of these products.

Electrified Mortise Locks

  • LM9200 series products with inconsistent Product Categories (usually LM and MK) were all made MK.
  • Please review open work using these products, as well as inventoried products, to ensure the proper discounts and products are still being used.

Canadian Subscribers

  • Please review the linked article for migration to the new North America-standard database "SC".
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