Data Backup Warning in Opening Suite

Comsense provides a maintenance plan on the data server which rebuilds indexes and backs up the databases to a folder on the server. This operation is mostly done late at night, but can be done while users are still actively using the system.

Each account is responsible for copying these backup files as well as the Common folder to a secondary area located in an alternate location to protect against a hardware failure on the server. This process is discussed further in the following article:

Users will receive a warning message like the following when logging into Comsense Opening Suite if there has been a problem with the maintenance plan for more than 3 days:

Data Backup Warning! 6 days or warning remaining!

If this issue is not corrected after 10 days or warning, login to the system will be disallowed.

The most common cause of this issue is that the SQL Server Agent service is not running. This service is responsible for running jobs like the maintenance plan. To verify that the SQL Server Agent is running open the Services control panel application and locate SQL Server Agent (COMSENSESQL2016) as seen in the screenshot below:

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Services Control Panel; shows SQL Server Agent (COMSENSESQL2016).

The SQL Server Agent (COMSENSESQL2008) service should be running and set to Automatic startup. In case of agent not running, right click and choose Start. The agent should start up and the maintenance plan should run later that night.

The second most common cause of a failed backup is a lack of disk space on the backup drive. The maintenance plan is designed to keep only 48 hours worth of backup files. If you find more than this in the backup location, there may be a security issue preventing the service from cleaning up old files. Please contact support if this is the case. The location of your last backup can be found in Advantage under Help > About Comsense Advantage.

If the two causes above does not seem to be the source of the issue, please contact Comsense support to investigate.




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