Release Notes for Version 1.23.2309

Version 1.23.2304:

  1. Corrected for error when adding a new bank account.
  2. Corrected error when copying a hardware set or when bi-passing the opening entry.
  3. Corrected error when adding an opening with an assigned hardware set where the set does not yet have any hardware assigned.

Version 1.23.2309:

  1. Corrected the 'Set Null' feature in the Complete window, 'Opening List Filter & Replace' option.
  2. Corrected error in the Hardware, Openings tab when attempting to delete multiple openings.
  3. Corrected performance issue with Hardware/Products tab.
  4. Corrected for missing Installation Operation for Change Order deducts.


This version included refinements to our larger update 1.23.2301, see release notes for that version here.

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