Creating a Payable for a Credit Card Statement Balance

Scenario: You need to create a payable for a credit card statement

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

This article demonstrates how to:

  1. Access Payable
  2. Create a New Payable
  3. Enter Credit Card Categories

*Note: Before creating a payable for a credit card statement balance:

  • Review the credit card statement
  • Separate any purchases already accounted for
  • Categorize the remaining purchases into accounts.

Never include any credit supplier purchases already accounted for by another payable i.e. any supplier purchases on credit. Only include the remaining credit card purchases.

Accessing Payable

In the Enterprise left-hand Navigation menu:

  1. Click Payables
    • The Payables menu will expand
Enterprise left-hand navigation menu showing the location of payables.
Image 1: Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu
  1. Click Payable
    • The Payable window will open

You are now ready to create a new payable for your credit card statement.

Creating a New Payable

In the payable window top toolbar:

  1. Click New
  2. Select Miscellaneous
Payable window; displays location to select new payable for miscellaneous.
Image 2: New Payable Drop-Down Menu
  1. Fill in the payable fields using Table 1
Payable window; shows the supplier field, Remit To field, Invoice Number field, and Invoice Date field.
Image 3: Payable Information Fields

You are now ready to enter your credit card categories.

Payable Field Details
Supplier Credit card
Remit To Credit card
Invoice Number If there is no invoice number, use an obvious number i.e. the date of credit card statement
Invoice Amount The credit card statement balance subtracting any purchases already accounted for
Invoice Date Date of the credit card statement
Table 1: Payable Details for Credit Card Bill Payment

Entering Credit Card Categories

Under the Manual Distribution tab in the fillable line item:

  1. Select the appropriate:
    1. Division
    2. Account
      • Search and Select the account using the Search Account button next to the Account column
    3. Order #
    4. Cost group
Payable window; shows the location of Order Number field and Cost Group field on the line item.
Image 4: Manual Account Distribution Line Item Information

Under the Amount column:

  1. Enter the credit card statement amount for each account category
    • Balance to Distribute will update to 0.00
  2. Click Save and Release icon

Your credit card statement payable is now ready for a check run

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