Release Notes for Version

  • Corrected for error creating Purchase Orders for EDI.
  • Advantage Complete window:
    • Corrected for inconsistent results from ToolBar 'Find' operation for  'Heading' values.
    • Corrected DataWindow error when using Advanced Grid Option to change Qty column.
  • Corrected condition where Advantage costing would not present the 'Not all products have been priced' message where the user had entered an Adjusted Cost and subsequently removed that Adjusted Cost for a product which was not priced from the Catalog.
  • Corrected for 'Out of Memory' error when executing new Hardware Submittal Report.
  • Corrected for error when copying a project and cancelling the process before completion.
  • Corrected Keying Window where the opening has multiple cores. Each keying row was showing total core quantity instead of 1 each.
  • Performance improvements have been implemented in many areas of the software where large volumes of data are being processed.
  • Corrected intermittent error in WIP Valuation Report where the product was missing cost.
  • Advantage - Catalog Maint\Discounts\Hardware Discounts:
    • Group Discount drop-down list filtered to include only the groups for the selected manufacturer.
    • Significant performance improvements when using the 'Apply Finish Discount String' operation.
    • The method of selecting Hardware Rows in preparation for applying Finish Discounts has been changed.  The selection feature using the 'Block/Highlight' rows has been replaced by the utilization of the Filter row. New Tool Bar Icons have been added to perform the function of applying discounts (One for 'Applying Finish Discounts' and another for 'Applying Option Discounts' to relating to selected hardware). By choosing and executing those ToolBar Icons, the assigned discounts will be applied to all visible rows selected by the filter operation. Additionally, a new ToolBar Icon has been added for 'Discount Group Maintenance' (previously launched by the 'Right Click' option.)
  • Corrected for Purchase Orders showing duplicate line items caused when combining purchase orders and one or more common line items 'Print Material List' was checked on only one of the originating purchase orders.  
  • Advantage new reporting - Packing Slip for Advantage Only users - 'Creation' feature is now working.
  • Advantage Manufacturer Master will now present a message when saving where one or more Divisions do not have a preferred supplier assigned.  To copy a highlighted supplier to other divisions, use the ToolBar icon 'Copy Selected supplier to other divisions'.  This will present a window for the selection of one or many divisions to copy 'To'.
  • Users now have the ability to set parts 'Ship Separate' flag. See new Advantage\Catalog Maint\Parts Ship Separate window.  Use the Tool Bar Copy icon to copy settings from one division to another.
  • The Bid Proposal report has been added to both Estimating and Detailing Report menus in the new Reporting Module.
  • Our new Advantage Reporting module is now complete.  However, we have retained the old reporting module as your default reporting feature.  The New Reporting module may be set as your default by accessing Advantage\Tools\User Preferences options and setting the 'Use New Submittal' flag.  The new reporting module provides many benefits (see below) and may be used 'Out of the Box'. However, there are numerous options available for various reports (See Enterprise\Report Management) and therefore recommend that system administrators review these settings to suit your specific 'branding' desires. Setup instructions and functionality may be found in our article New Submittal: Setting Up the Feature – Comsense Help Center (
    • Benefits:
      • Updated and modern reporting styling. 
      • Significant performance improvements in many reports.
      • No longer reliant on Microsoft Word.
      • Report settings saved by Project and Default settings pre-defined by Division
      • User-defined Submittal templates by Division which eliminates the old tedious process of defining the submittal options for every new project.
  • The IRS 1099 MISC form has changed and a new 1099 NEC form added for 2020.  The new 1099-MISC form, box #7, has changed where the value previously represented in Box #7 now requires the new '1099-NEC' form for 'Non-employee payments ' which is represented in Box # 1.  Any 1099 designated suppliers with a currently designated 'Contract Payment Box' of '1099-MISC-07' will need to be changed to '1099-NEC-01'. Visit the web site for instructions on acquiring the new 1099 NEC form.
  • The Advantage Manufacturer Master window has been modified to provide a more intuitive interface for copying a Supplier to other divisions.  The old 'Right Click' option to copy suppliers to other divisions has been removed and the functionality to perform this operation is a new button to the right of the 'Preferred' check box.  Clicking on this button will present the user with a dialog box to allow the selection of one or more divisions for which to copy the applicable Supplier.
  • Corrected issue introduced in a recent Pre-Release where reports designed to print in Landscape orientation were only printing in portrait mode.  Also changed print dialog to always show in foreground.
  • The Microsoft .Net Framework version has been increased to 4.6.1. This was required to support our new reporting engine. Administrators should be aware that .Net 4.6.1 is fully supported on Windows Server 2008 R2 and beyond. This means any organizations who may still have Windows Server 2008 R1 or earlier could run into problems when attempting to run the Comsense Enterprise client application if .Net 4.6.1 is not available on Windows Server 2008 R1. Windows Server 2008 R1 has been out of extended support lifecycle since January 14, 2020. 
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